WASH Conference 2014: For everyone everywhere

24–28 March 2014

Brisbane, Australia

20140331_141448Thank you to the International WATERCENTRE, and the Australian Government – Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, for an incredible week of collaboration at the WASH Conference. WASH stands for Water and Sanitation and Hygiene, with a special focus on sustainability.

The 2014 conference was very timely, as the WASH conference began straight after World Water Day, held on 22March, and Pakistan Day, held on 23March.

FLOW International is concerned with the sustainability of clean-water initiatives that ensure long-term health benefits and the blossoming of community spirit in Pakistan. Our birthright is to drink clean water, however an astounding 70% of all clean-water initiatives undertaken by major NGOs fail due to the lack of sustainable options.

Sustainability requires careful planning and proper implementation. It requires investment into education and foresight regarding managed funds, ensuring the water technology is indeed sustained.

A 70% failure rate is unacceptable. While it is understandable that complex political situations complicate solutions into clean-water sustainability, we must strive for better results and visible improvement.

FLOW International is committed to providing clean-water options to communities in Pakistan via empowering education and initiatives that are not charity based. We all have a responsibility towards one another and this means we all need to help each other – from the very poor villages to the corporate level – with meaningful discussion and action-based responses.

One of our first steps towards this is to initiate a hygiene program within our Rose School in Pakistan. This has been designed to complement our clean-water projects in Sindh Province.

Children are key to FLOW’s program. A child’s innate understanding and voice is extremely important and can inspire change – children are integral to ongoing sustainability!

Thank you again for an incredible week and to all the wonderful and compassionate people that participated in lively discussion with me.

We will keep you updated on our progress.

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