Toilets and hygiene facilities for the village women in Pakistan – I can’t find them anywhere…

It’s difficult to describe my feelings when I observed so many women in Pakistan living without clean drinking water, without protection when menstruating and without privacy when needing to defecate. I am describing my first trip to Pakistan – I was with a small team of people determined to film a short documentary regarding what was happening to the masses in the aftermath of the floods in 2010. We visited a number of small camps in the northern areas of Pakistan. No clean water, little food, no toilets, no education, however small tidy tents and lots of smiling children everywhere. I asked one woman – what do you use when you are menstruating? She replied – I use the ash from the fire to dab myself –  the very same area where she cooked their meagre meals. My thoughts were running – how can humans live in such a way but I was to learn that floods or no floods, millions of village women and children in Pakistan were living like this in 2010 and indeed right now – as I am writing this, nothing much has changed at all! What if it were me living in the village and under such conditions? The ground I was standing on started to feel shaky. My world was changing and it was extremely confronting. Once awakened to something much larger than myself, I could not run and hide but only to stand in the chaos, the extreme ignorance and suffering of mankind. Today, I no longer allow myself to become attached to what I perceive as suffering. Detachment has come at a cost however the journey into myself has been worth it. Entrepreneurial management is key to delivering services and saving lives especially in remote areas – for example, in Tharparkar, Sindh. There needs to be a courageous, new and bold approach IF people are serious about offering sustainable projects where dignified living is at stake. Because let’s face it, everyone has a mobile phone so why can’t we get clean water and decent hygiene facilities to the women and girls? So, let’s ask the question: why are the village women of Pakistan living in such conditions?

One thought on “Toilets and hygiene facilities for the village women in Pakistan – I can’t find them anywhere…

  1. This is all because of mis management by who were and still are responsible for it, The change starts with in. Your approach can lead to create Awareness on the Issues and with good Managers the Scope of efforts can be achieved.

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